Sunset Mini Session at the Lake {Grapevine Photographer}

With this spring weather moving in, and Sawyer’s recent acquisition of a new pair of fabulous dinosaur shoes (Thank you, Grammi!) I decided it was high time to do a sunset mini session at Lake Grapevine with the little guy. My thought was to do this before his shoes got too dirty to photograph. And also, he had a matching polo shirt. It’s lame, but sometimes an outfit is the impetus I need to take photos of my little fella.

We headed out to the lake just before sunset, and spent about 20 minutes cranking out some shots while he tried his best to walk to the edges of the rocky cliffs. It’s just not fun if it’s not dangerous! Duh, Mom!

I took Rex the dinosaur for him to hold but he had absolutely no interest in that as long as there were rocky areas to climb up and down. (See my recent Valentines Mini Session post where I mention it’s a great idea to take something for the littles to hold. Like I said, it’s a crap shoot every time you photograph a little one, so scratch that!) With no major falls and some great shots, I would say this was a mission-accomplished evening. Enjoy these images from our sunset mini session!

Sunset Mini Session

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