Photo Session of Family of Six at Liberty Gardens {Southlake, TX Family Photographer}

It’s the Kennedy family, back for their second photo session!


These four kids have grown up so much in the year since I’ve seen them…Kennedy7

The Liberty Gardens at Southlake’s BiCentennial Park has several different “looks” in a compact area. It’s perfect for photos with young children. Kennedy6

What little boy doesn’t like to climb trees?Kennedy5

This little gal is just so precious and looked so sweet by the old pioneer wagon.Kennedy4

This guy is stingy with his smiles and has a quirky sense of humor, like his dad.Kennedy3

And this little fella has got the most gorgeous eyes ever! If the eyes are the window to the soul, he must have the purest soul…Kennedy2

This old log cabin is a historical landmark in Southlake, TX. Kennedy1

Thanks so much for coming back for a second photo session with Lindsay Polyak Photography, Kennedy family! I so enjoyed catching up with you and capturing some vibrant photos of your family of six.

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