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Why Lindsay Polyak Photography?

I work with families to preserve precious moments in their everyday lives, so that years from now, they can look back at images that capture who their children were as they were growing up.  Things I’ll help you remember: their infectious laughter, the twinkle in their eyes, the way their hair smells, and that spot at the nape of their neck where you love to give them kisses.

Meet Lindsay Polyak, Lindsay Polyak, Hurst PhotographerHurst Photographer

I’m a right-brained/left-brained person, which means I have both creative and practical natures that continually jockey for control. My creative mind loves to dream about beautiful photos, delicious meals, and interesting music. On the other hand, my right brain thinks about tasks, productivity and just getting things done.

So who am I? I’m a firm believer in God and His plan for my life,  the wife of my best friend who happens to be a full-time nursing student, the mom of an absolute cutie, an ever-learning and growing photographer, a musician, and the Marketing & Business Manager for a Southlake, TX accounting firm.

My rather loose photography philosophy:

  • Children are my favorite subject to photograph because having a good time and acting relaxed comes easily to them. I also enjoy shooting whole families while watching each person interact with one another, from behind the camera.
  • Photo sessions should progress fairly quickly because children- and especially husbands– get bored easily.
  • Outdoors is my favorite place to shoot, because natural light creates so many amazing opportunities to be spontaneous.
  • I believe that the best camera is the one you have with you, and that’s usually my iPhone because it’s always within reach. But for “real” shoots, I’ll show up with a Canon with a prime lens (It’s a fixed length lens that does not zoom, so I will use my feet as my zoom!)

I look forward to meeting you and creating some lovely portraits soon.


(Photo credit, Jenn Mark.)

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