Decades Married and In Love with Kids – Grapevine Family Portraits

Decades Married and In Love with Kids – Grapevine Family Portraits

The Kalias have been married for decades and have two lovely grown kids. Their daughter, visiting from out of town, contacted me for Grapevine Family Portraits as it had been YEARS since they had taken any.

Grapevine Family Photographer

Mom and Dad were so much fun to work with. Dad had such a great sense of humor with a twinkle in his eye that reminded me of my own father, and Mom possessed a quiet grace and dignity.

Grapevine Family Portraits

Decades of marriage, and still in love. It’s a blast to shoot family portraits with young families who have rambunctious, growing kids… but there’s something about seasoned love that has been through laughter, tears, heartache and joys for many years. It speaks of commitment and dedication, and it gives me something to which I aspire.

Lindsay Polyak Photography

A sweet father-daughter embrace at the Grapevine Botanical Gardens which is lovely any time of year.

Family Photographer Grapevine TXAnd a happy moment between mom and son.

Grapevine Holiday Photographer

Thank you for allowing me to capture Grapevine Family Portraits of your wonderful family. I love your happily ever after. It’s the very best kind there is.

Lindsay Polyak Photography

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