Bluebonnet Failure {Texas Bluebonnet Photos}

Bluebonnet Failure {Texas Bluebonnet Photos}

Two words can be used t0 describe my attempt with Sawyer at 2014 Texas Bluebonnets photos: Epic & Fail.

Texas Bluebonnet Photos

I learned last week that the one thing he detests worse than a camera in his face is bluebonnets around his legs. Truly, he is his mother’s child.


The thing is, if you look at this photo out of context, you might not even realize he was whining and crying to be taken away from these nasty, no-good, awful plants.  You might think this is just another of many precious toddler in the bluebonnets photos.  Ha, Sawyer! Gotcha! 🙂

Keller Children's Photographer Lindsay Polyak

And this one just might look like a kid skipping for joy in the bluebonnets. Not running from them like the devil himself was chasing him, as must have been the case.

Fort Worth Bluebonnet Photos Photographer

And look, one random moment of joy at finding a YELLOW wildflower.  Who can understand the mind of a toddler? Certainly not me.

Toddler Bluebonnet Photo Session

So, I suppose it wasn’t a total epic fail after all. 🙂 And there’s always next spring, and a full year to talk myself into trying this again.

Do your kids actually like frolicking in bluebonnets ? Contact me to schedule your bluebonnets photos before they are gone! I know of a lovely non-life-threatening-nor-by-a-highway-patch just waiting for us!

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